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Blending Syllables Name Game

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Activity Type: Introduce
Activity Form: Game
Grade: K
Group Size: Small Group, Whole Class
Length: 5 minutes
Materials: A hand puppet--ours is called Mico.
Goal: Given two or three spoken syllables, the student can say the word ( "pen" + "cil" -> "pencil" ).
Items: Student names (substitute real names for those below)

What to do

  1. When Mico says your name, stand up. But listen carefully, because he's going to try to trick you by saying your name in parts and he might say your middle name or even your last name. Ready? Ro...bert. Right! Robert. Ma...ri...a. Right! Leave about a second between each syllable. For students with one-syllable first names, use their middle name or their last name so that they have to blend the syllables to respond correctly. If you hear your name again, sit down. Ja...qui. Ro...bert.
  2. If a student you call on does not respond, glance over at them. In a few moments, call their name again.
  3. Continue until you have called everyone's name and some of them twice. Okay, everyone sit down. Now we'll play again, but Mico is going to add another word after he calls your name. You have to stand up and point to whatever object he says. Ready? Start with a student who will answer correctly. Right! Mico said Maria and then blackboard. If you run out of two-syllable objects to point at, you can use the same objects multiple times.

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