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CVC(e) words

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When introducing the VCe rule, you may want to have students practice on CVC words (and CCVC and CCCVC words) that can be changed into another word by adding an e. Here is a practice list:

  • at-ate can-cane cap-cape fad-fade glad-glade hat-hate man-mane plan-plane scrap-scrape tap-tape van-vane
  • bit-bite dim-dime grip-gripe hid-hide kit-kite pin-pine pip-pipe rid-ride rip-ripe shin-shine sit-site slid-slide snip-snipe spit-spite strip-stripe win-wine
  • cut-cute cub-cube
  • con-cone hop-hope mop-mope not-note pop-pope rob-robe rod-rode

We don't know of any examples of words ending with eVe. There are two known possibilities: her-here is problematic because her is not regular; pet-pete is problematic because students may be confused over the capitalization of proper names.

The list above is also available as printable index cards).

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