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Ex: Letter sound fluency, Word Race
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How long do you think this activity will typically take to complete?
What materials will a teacher need to do this activity?

What is the goal for the student?

Ex: "Given printed letters, the student can discriminate between them and say the sound of each." Given this, the student will be able to do that.

Use this space to list out the letters, sounds, words, text, etc. that this activity uses as content. Remember to separate them with commas. For example, if your lesson is about word families, you would write the following text in this box: words in the ock word family such as clock, block, dock, etc.

1) Use this section to type (or paste) the steps and instructions that educators need to teach this activity.

2) Click the Add a step button each time you would like to add an additional step.

3) If you would like to include a script in your directions, we strongly recommend that you use bold face text to indicate the words educators should say out loud to students. You can make the font bold by placing three single quotes the text you want to embolden. This for example: '''word''', will get you this: word.

4) To remove a step, click the Remove button below the box of the step you would like to delete.

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Tell us how you came up with this activity and how you use it in your classroom. Feel free to mention what school district and school you teach in.

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