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Writing Activities

The FreeReading Writing activities are organized into three categories: Introduce, Reintroduce and Build Mastery. The following is a description of the types of activities you will find within each category:

  • Introduce - students are introduced to writing skills through a variety of activities.
  • Reintroduce - students will complete a graphic organizer to practice the application of a writing skill.
  • Build Mastery - students will expand their knowledge of a writing skill by engaging in a variety of activities.

The activities below address important writing skills and strategies. Click on any of the blue links below to begin a writing lesson.

  • Click here to see all writing printables, which includes graphic organizers and templates.

Writing Activities
Introduce Reintroduce Build Mastery
Advertisement Elements of an advertisement Advertisement Poster
Biography Understand purpose of biography My Opinion
Book Review Provide facts and opinion of a book Fiction Book Review Organizer
Character Traits Review character traits Character Map
Color Poem Create Poetic figures Color Poem Web
Fairy Tale Create a group fairy tale Fairy Tale Planner
Friendly Letter or Email Identify five parts of friendly letter Friendly Letter Organizer
How To Compose How-to text How-To Organizer
Informative Writing Review purpose of informational text Animal Facts Mini Book
Journal Writing Discuss personal journals Journal Entry Sample
Personal Narrative Questioning: 5 W's Personal Narrative Planner
Persuasive Paragraph Compose persuasive paragraph Persuasive Paragraph Organizer
Realistic Fiction Apply elements of realistic fiction Story Planner
Simple Directions Review directions Simple Directions Organizer
Story Elements Re-identify character, setting, and plot Story Map
Thank You Letter Collaborate on a Thank You letter Elements of a letter

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